Hardrock 100’s 2017 DFL finisher

Hardrock 100
Hardrock 100, photo by Meghan M. Hicks

The Hardrock 100 is a bucket list race for many ultramarathoners. A spot on the starting line is a coveted prize since only 145 runners get the privilege of lining up on race day, and the lottery receives around 2,000 entries each year.

As most trail runners know, the Hardrock 100 is an infamous endurance race in Southern Colorado’s San Juan Range with 66,100 feet in elevation change. The average elevation is 11,186 feet, which often causes problems on race day for runners who aren’t acclimated to running in the thin mountain air. Finishers must cross thirteen major mountain passes, scree fields, snowpack, river crossings and 13 climbs above 12,000 feet. They have 48 hours to get it done.

Hardrock 100 Robert Andrulis
Robert Andrulis

This year 126 runners finished the race and kissed the rock, a Hardrock 100 tradition. The final finisher, Robert Andrulis completed the race in 47 hours, 49 minutes, 20 seconds, with just under 11 minutes to spare. Andrulis ran his first Hardrock 100 in 2007, and according to Ultra Signup, this was his tenth year running the race.

Kilian Jornet, who won the race despite dislocating his shoulder at mile 14, greeted Andrulis at the finish line.

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